Oh, For the Lucidity of Verse…

The Microbe

  The microbe is so very small
  You cannot make him out at all,
  But many sanguine people hope
  To see him through a microscope.
  His jointed tongue that lies beneath
  A hundred curious rows of teeth;
  His seven tufted tails with lots
  Of lovely pink and purple spots,
  On each of which a pattern stands,
  Composed of forty separate bands; 
  His eyebrows of a tender green;
  All these have never yet been seen--
  But Scientists, who ought to know,
  Assure us that is must so...
  Oh!  let us never, never doubt
  What nobody is sure about!

        - By Hilaire Belloc from More Beasts For Worse Children.
          Duckworth. 1912.

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